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Our Adventure

The idea for JAVIS was conceived during the global COVID-19 pandemic. Though technologies are available, cross industries developments remained somewhat stove-piped. We continue to see inefficiencies in our everyday lives; resources not optimised, half-measures and pain points aplenty.


Being a bubble tea fan for over 20 years, our founder endeavours to transform the way we live, work and play, beginning with the F&B industry. We create disruptive solutions by reconceptualising and redefining the application of emerging technologies and digitalisation.


With robotics and automation, big data, AI, best-in-class digitalisation efforts and mixed reality augmentations, our solution converts labour intensive chores into fun and engaging tasks that are augmented with better informed and optimised decisions.



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At JAVIS, we transform the way we live work and play with emerging technologies. By redefining its application and digitalisation, improved outcomes can be achieved.


Our mission is to help consumers and businesses adopt intelligent ecosystems in the most fun and engaging ways. Being effective and efficient does not necessarily need to be tedious and boring. With the right solutions, experiences can be enjoyable.


We believe there are better ways to get things done by harvesting the power of emerging technologies and applying them into non-traditional space. We create solutions that are more affordable and accessible to the masses, business models that convert non-users, and ‘win-win’ ecosystems where stakeholders thrive off each other successes.

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Fun & engaging, happy staff, happy customers 

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Nimble & fast​ 

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Servant Leadership

Personal humility & indomitable will​

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Do the right things right, respect each other​ 

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Creative & groundbreaking 


The Founders

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Joyce Lim

Chief Digital & Executive Officer

Joyce Lim is the founder and Chief Digital Executive Officer (CDEO) of JAVIS, which began its journey in January 2021. Joyce is responsible for robotics and software development as well as setting the overall direction and business strategy for the organisation. Software developer by training, Joyce has more than 15 years of experience in the technology industry where she led multiple digitalisation, transformation, and automation projects across Asia. Joyce holds a master’s degree in Business Administration from Alliance Manchester Business School.


John Cheong

Chief Operating Officer

John Cheong joined JAVIS since March 2021 as the Chief Operating Officer (COO). John is responsible for Engineering, Product Design & Development, Operations & Delivery, as well as executing the company’s long-term goals. Engineer by training, John has over 25 years of experience in the public sector and was involved in conceptualising and setting up of Digitalisation Office to drive digital transformation. John holds double master’s degrees in Business Administration from Nanyang Technological University and Engineering from Imperial College London.

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